Sunday, March 28, 2010

go with the flow.

everything went smoothly.....and i, as usual perasan cun and syok sendrik kat atas stage tadi...nagahahaha...lantak la...bkn sumerang tgk aku pon kan...sume sebok mkn je aku, biela tetap cun...huhu...ok, br teringat yg blom book anything for nikah lagi...hehe...gila kan...i try to list down...

1) make up
2) baju
3) catering
4) pelamin...haha!

nice pic will be upload end of next month kayh...sbb minggu dpn sgt lah byk meeting...chow.!

p/s: tdi jumpe siti kot...!! die datang mase biela kawen kot..gila lah..haha...and yg paling best die nak salm ngan aku...(opss..terbalik..haha.!!) and we took pic together with the pengantin..haha...dgn die sorang xsmpt..die nak, die bwk beg LV kaler putih....haha..tu je...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

what a won-der-ful dream.... :)

waiting for something that could melt my heart and be mine till the end of the world...haha..!!

1. Mr M
2. Ms G
3. Ms C

p/s: hope my dream come true bebeyh....btw, u can refer most of my listing HERE.

Friday, March 26, 2010

xsbanyeee...knape tu jgn tanye la ek...phm2 sendrik..haha...
lagi satu, name pon dah ade...hahaha...
skrg br la org tau siapa saya...ngeh ngeh ngeh...
ngantok plk dah harini...mcm tak de keje sgt plk..
kang ptg2 br la nak bg keje...haihh...
kalo bg pagi petang da siap keje bleyh blk kan best..hehe..
btw, esk tade meetingg..!!! weeehhhuuuu....
ke mana kita esk ya..?? haha...mungkin kne pi selesaikan hutang piutang kot..hehe..
hutang utk bln 7 nnt...bole ke camtuh..
pas 2 mcm nak g bli brg2 utk decorate bilik nnt..haha..
semangat lebey sket..
esk blom smpi lg...tunggu esk semangat same ke tak cam skrg..haha... :p

Thursday, March 18, 2010

merapu pagi2 bute...

i'm doing fine now...but will be great if only i have my everything just beside me...ehehehe...lately so many issue come and go...this is life...everything is unpredictable...just aware of what u've been doing...end of this month is biela's wed...da nak kawen da member aku sorang ni...dedule dok gedik2 time kt mmu n uniten...hehe...miss u babe..!!! since u tunang then i tunang kte dah kurang hang out...mmg jarang ke tak pernah tah...ahahaha...i'll definitely post her pic during her big day...pas biela, ieda plk...satu2 nak kawen...pas ieda tiqah plk...okeyhh, dlm otak dah terpk nak pakai bj ape dah..hahahaha..gile jauh pk...padahal berbln2 lg lamenye...sah2 tgh tade bende nak pk da ni....

Universal Studio Singapura, here i comeee....!!!! Dlm mimpi kot...hahaha...tdo dlu...peace ya a'aw.. ;p

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What u did is WRONG dude...!!

"When what u did is totally wrong...This is what happen...jeng jeng jengggg...Try not to blame others of your wrong doing...One day everyone will know"

....Fikir-fikirkan dan selamat beramal...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss Great Great Great

Hopefully my Miss Great Great Great come true...ngehhehehe...
let's pray so that the major re-shuffle of AND ST for this end of march includes ME..!! ahaaahaha... :p
feels like nak blaja blk autocad n nak baked roti and nak kemas bilik...but i need a whole week to do those things...ok, syamim stop dreaming...toodles!


Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku...
Permudahkanlah kehidupanku didunia dan diakhirat...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

preparation for upcoming event...

nothing much...kad dah g tempah...and jgn tertunggu2 kedatangan kad yg bling2 expensive because it won't be a reality to u ppl...hehe...for me, kad kawen tu tayah nak membazir...simple, cheapo je..hehe...bazir ke handbag ke..honeymoon ke br syiok...owh ckp pasal handbag, masih blom bli lagi tuk hantaran...maybe around june kot baru bli..tgh tunggu sale tutttt...biarlah rahsia kayh :p only handbag and heels je blom bli...yg lain sume da settle.... wuish wuish tak saba la plk..ngeh ngeh ngeh...nak cari keje lain bleyh tak... :( tak pon keje dari umah ke...tak best la keje sane...maybe i still don't know how to manage my staff kot...sume staff xbleyh harap 100% claim mau byk...fenin2...let's close bout work session...bikin muntah saja..hehe...we go to my preparation plk nak..hehe...let's see....uuurrrrmmmmm....

my preparation update:

hantaran - shoes n handbag je blom bli lg.
kad kawen - settle
door gift - dah ada...the only thing is tade tag je...
honeymoon - booked...
inai - got her number already tp xsure nak ke tak die...die amik rm200..macam mahal gla, will re-think either want her or not.
tok kadi - blom p jumpa lg..around april br g..
HIV test - around april gak.
gelang - dah potong.nak p amik je next week.
bed sheet - blom bli lagi utk nikah day...hehe...
flower girls - blom bli lg bola2 n flower tuh...bile tah nak bli nih...

on nikah day
- blom book mana2 week kalo sempat.
- thinking of JEZ wed je..
- kalo ade duet lebey sket ARMA..hehe..
- kalo tak pakai yg same on my reception's day je.EQIEN...
- doorgift on nikah day ade terpk something but not sure ok ke tak...we'll see how kayh...

on my side
- dah book dah...
- makanan dah finalize 70%
- baju,kasot, accessories blom pilih lagi...around may baru pilih...
- warna pon belum finalize lagi...hehe...
- script for mc done.
- make up done.
- photographer done.

on his side
- idea...hehe :p

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wedding Planning Checklist yang tak seberapa...hehe

9-12 months before the wedding:

  • Announce your engagement to friends and family. - done
  • Arrange for parents to get together and meet each other if they haven't already.- done
  • Pick a special date to begin your lives together.- done
  • Discuss what your budget will be and who'll be contributing what to the event.- done
  • Interview wedding planners if you're using one.- done
  • Pick the ceremony site and meet with the officiant.- done
  • Work on the guest list to get a rough head count.- still doing it..hehe..
  • Visit reception sites and reserve one.- done
  • Begin shopping for your wedding gown.- rent it.. :s
  • If you want to drop a few pounds for the wedding start now.- i think i gain more pounds ade la kot...

6-9 months before the wedding:

  • Choose the members of your wedding party.- done
  • Select a caterer.- done
  • Order your wedding gown.- rent it
  • Shop for bridesmaids dresses.- errmmm...drg bli sendrik kot..hehe.. :p
  • Pick a photographer and videographer.- done
  • Hire a florist.- ni time nikah nye belum lagi...hehe
  • Start thinking about where you'd like to go for your honeymoon.- done...done...done

4-6 months before the wedding:

  • Order wedding stationary (place cards, thank you cards, etc.).- belom lagi..!!! :O
  • Shop for the perfect wedding cake.- belom lagi..!!! :O
  • Hire your wedding-day transportation (carriage, limousine, etc.)- pakai kembara je kot..huhu...
  • Book your favorite hair stylist and makeup artist.- nikah punye belom lagi..!!! :O
  • Check on hotels for any out-of-town guests.- belom lagi..!!! :O
  • Finalize the guest list.- belom lagi..!!! :O byk keje lain kene buat...eheheh
  • Get definite plans for your honeymoon, make airline and hotel arrangements.- done..!!! :D

2-4 months before the wedding:

  • Purchase the marriage license from your cities county clerk.- april
  • Order tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen.- sewaan ja pakk..
  • Meet with the caterer to go over menus, wine selections, etc. - jumpe dah..stiap kali jumpe stiap kali tu la depa tukaq menu tuh...tak phm btoi..hehe..
  • Order the wedding cake.- it's included...
  • Select wedding ceremony and reception music.- belom lagi..!!! tgh mencari2 lagi music yg romantik gedik-gedik...haha..
  • If you plan on writing your own vows start writing them now.- biarlah rahsia...antara kau dan aku...wuishhh...naik bulu roma..haha

ok setakat ni je...nnt update lagi yg bawah ni...hehehe..

4-8 weeks before the wedding:

  • Mail wedding invitations 6 to 8 weeks ahead of your wedding date.
  • Do a hair and make up run through with your wedding veil on.

2-4 weeks before the wedding:

  • Work on the seating arrangements for the reception.
  • Confirm details with the photographer, florist, and other vendors.
  • Have your final wedding dress fitting.
  • Write your rehearsal-dinner toast.
  • Purchase gifts for the wedding attendants.
  • Compile a list of all of the wedding vendors and wedding party. Carry this list with you everywhere you go just in case.

1 week before the wedding:

  • Place any amounts due on the wedding day in envelopes for easy distribution.
  • Give the caterer a final head count.
  • Find a trustworthy person to take the cake knife, toasting glasses, etc. to the reception.
  • Get final beauty treatments (manicure, facial, massage, waxing, brow shaping, etc.).
  • Pack for the honeymoon.

The day before the wedding:

  • Get something old - symbolizes continuity with the bride's family and the past.
  • Get something new - means optimism and hope for the bride's new life ahead
  • Get something borrowed - an item from a happily married friend or family member, whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to carry over to the new bride.
  • Get something blue - to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity.
  • And a silver sixpence in her shoe - represents wealth and financial security. For optimum fortune, the sixpence should be in the left shoe. These days, a dime or a copper penny can be substituted.

The day of the wedding:

  • Relax and remain calm.
  • Remember to eat something. You may be so busy with things that you forget.
  • Allow yourself at least two hours to get dressed.
  • Enjoy yourself at this once in a life time event!