Tuesday, August 12, 2008

mmu convocation

today's the 3rd day of convocation and i'm suppose to convo this year..unfortunately i need to miss my convo due to certain circumstances..hahaha..and going to convo next yeat insyaallah...btw, i change my blog from xanga to blogspot...dunno why..just want to test which one is better..hoho..and u know what my roomate;putri received a bouquet of roses...!!! waaa...jeles bangat nih...no one wanna send me flowers gak ke?? haha...being desperado skejap...and people,please ignore my language cause i like my rojak language..hehe...still upgrading my english..hehe..and my flow still upside down...and i hope that i'll be better blogger by next 2 years..hehe..ape la aku mrepek nih...just now i inai my hair because of my hair suddenly merajok and become white...and it's not only 1 or 2...it's many..!!! more than 10 ok..!! and die mcm berkumpul beramai2 and protes nak mengenekan aku...sje je kan..mcm tau2 je my new project by end of this month..hehe...insyaallah jd by end of this month la k...i can't revel it now...by oct nnt br bgtau...that's if i want to reveal it here la...if not pandai2 la pk sendrik..haha..ok, next topic is about my baju raya...org yg jahit tu tak reti jahit baju laa...this is from my mom point of view la...i haven't see or even try my bj raya lg...dah la aku ni memilih sket pki2 bj ni..haha..tu laa..org da ckp da g kat cine sri rampai tuh...baya mahal sket pon tape asalkan sedap pakai and CANTIK...tu la tanak dga ckp lg...sometimes we need to listen other than ur own opinion and take others to be or get a better things or place or what everlah...seb baik la this year we celebrate it skejap je and bkn yg meriah2 mcm balik kg sume sbb MMU ni mmg suke tanak kc student2 die raye dgn aman and main mercun and stay with our relatives...sje je nak raye la nak xm...nak raye la nak kua results...not even aidilfitri ok...aidiladha pon nak xm gak..tu yg hangit tuh...u know what i really2222 xsaba nak practical...i have enough with studies and exams and final year project yg aku tatau pape ni...tension gla...nnt nak keje sure drg dok tanye2 nak buat cemane sume...kalo tanye mini project ok lg...sbb phm la gak yg fyp ni haihhh...tak phm aku..dgn sv ni...suruh org buat java tp diri sendrik tak reti java..if i know from the begining, i choose putri nye..haha..yg pki fixed reader which is computer and also use PHP...at least my bro knew how to do it...sungguhlah menyesal.. :( it's 3.41am and i should sleep now..kalo tak subuh mmg liat mcm tanah liat yg sememangnye liat tuh..haha...btw,i'll post stuff to let go by new week...since my new project need a pile of money..haha..i need to let go the stuff that i have use or use one in a blue moon je tuh kepade org2 yg nak guna..btol tak..hehe..ok la..good night peeps..!! chupppss...

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