Thursday, August 14, 2008

voucher ??

today i went to MV to buy someting for my new project by end of this month..haha..ehh..specifically yesterday seems at the moment is 14/8/08 at 3.41am in the morning.guess how much i spend for today.. rm212.20 ...wahh...tade2 duit ni pon bleyh spend that much..blame the 20% voucher..don't blame me..!! ahaa.. ;p nvm..skalik skala habiskan duit...bak kate mushtaq, duit bukan masok kubur pon and duit bole carik...and can u find more and more money for me to spend whatever i want pleasee...huhu...i guess u won't...takpelah..mimpi pon jd la bro getting engage within 2 weeks from now...and i'm not really helping him with anything...sbb saye malas sbb ade's kindda private for me...but don't worry..i'll help u during ur weds nnt ye..n btw, i'll having midterm next tuesday and thursday.these are the also reason i can't help u bro..hehe..alaa lg pon syai da buat sume kan..hopefully die wat lawa la kan...and hopefully my baju muat..!! i felt i'm getting chubbier each and every day.and my tummy ni da mcm ade baby da ni...buncit nak mampos...nak wat cemane..kelas pon on monday n tueday je...hari lain goyang bontot and tgk muvie and mkn mkn mkn...tomorrow need to present improvement that i've done to mr khairil but my fyp can't improve cause that guy yg buatkan coding for me haven't gimme anything...wwwaaaaa....tersekse guerr...u know what i donno what blogger suke type itu --> itew...mcm lg panjang's like i don't like it but i donno...mcm comey pon ade tp mcm pjg sgt nak type tp tah sukatilah...ok la..nak tdo..malas nak wat fyp...mungkinkah i'm going to get c for my fyp?? :s :s nnnooooooo....!!!! gtg peeps..chuppppsss...

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